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We are dedicated to bringing new players into the rewarding world of pipe band life. Perhaps you’ve always loved the sound of bagpipes, but don’t know where to begin? Or do you fancy taking up a musical hobby that also involves a great social experience too? Maybe you’ve seen us out on parade and realised that you’d just discovered your calling? Our experienced tutors can help you, no matter your age, experience or background.

All of our tutors have years of experience teaching their instruments and are fully DBS-checked.


The Great Highland Bagpipe is challenging to learn but sounds like nothing else on earth. Played well it can be a stirring and powerful instrument, but without proper guidance, it can be very easy to get wrong!

Our piping tutors can help you master the basics on the chanter, before progressing to striking up the pipes, getting the hang of blowing, and eventually getting into the circle with the band.

Tenor Drum

Our lead tenor drummer has a wealth of experience teaching flourishing and playing for all ages. Pipe band tenor drumming is a highly visual and choreographed discipline, perfect for those with a background in majorettes, dancing, or even fire pois!

As a qualified midsection judge, she can lead you through the absolute basics, all the way up to mastering interweaving routines on specially tuned and ‘voiced’ drums.

Snare Drum

Pipe band drumming is known as a style that focuses on technical playing and mastery of drumming rudiments. Our lead drummer has years of experience teaching players of all abilities to get to grips with this challenging and rewarding style of play.

With a background in military corps of drums playing and kit drumming, no matter your experience or ability level, he can help you progress into joining the drum corps.


Band membership and tuition for under 18s is completely free. All band members, including adult learners, are asked to pay a small monthly subscription fee to cover venue costs etc.

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If you’d like to know more about learning the pipes or drums, we’d love to hear from you.
Email andy@essexcaledonian.co.uk to let us know you’re interested and we’ll take it from there